New City, New Weekend

Life abroad is so much different than life at home. I don’t have class on fridays here which is the most amazing thing because that allows me to be able to travel on the weekends. At home, at the University of Delaware I’ve always had class on fridays. This past semester I didn’t finish class until 4:25pm!

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I have a list of all the places I want to go while I’m here and I am realizing that there aren’t enough weekends for me to go to them all. Before coming here the places that I planning on traveling too were:

London, England

Paris, France

Berlin, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

Ibiza, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Prague, Czech Republic

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rome, Florence, Venice,  Italy

Madrid, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Mallorca Spain

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dublin, Ireland

Greek Islands

I have all my trips booked already and I am not making it to all the cities in that list. But I am hitting a fair amount. So far I have gone to Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. I loved each city so much. Berlin was absolutely freezing when I visited but I still managed to have a great time. I saw all the historic sights and experienced the nightlife that Berlin is known for. Amsterdam was by far the prettiest city out of the bunch, in my opinion. Wandering around the streets in Amsterdam was my favorite thing to do. Everything was so pretty and quaint. I took a canal tour. I got to see so much of the city while floating through the canals in a boat.

One picture of Amsterdam would not do the city justice. One major thing about Amsterdam that I noticed is that everyone rides bikes. I couldn’t even tell you the amount of times me and my friend almost got run over by a biker. In Amsterdam, the bikers have the right of way, not the walkers. So if you are walking I recommend you be extra careful and really look both ways. If you have ever seen or read The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene like I have walking through the streets of Amsterdam can get a little emotional. If you’ve read the book or seen the movie you’ll know what I mean.

the-fault-in-our-stars-1                                                ‘The Bench’ on Leidegracht 6HS, 1016 CK

This was by far the most emotional scene of the movie for me.

Each city I travel to I truly do fall in love. When I left Amsterdam I could not stop talking about how much I loved it. I told everyone I wanted to move there. But then I go to London the next weekend and say the same exact thing.

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