My family is very big on broadway shows. My mom has been taking me to NYC to see broadway shows for as long as I can remember. I love Manhattan. I always have so much fun going into the city with my family to see a show. I have seen many shows in my lifetime but I definitely have a few favorites.

My favorite show of all time is American Idiot. The soundtrack of that play was incredible. The show was such an amazing representation of the Green Day album, American Idiot.


21 guns was my favorite song in the musical. I listened to it on repeat for at least a week after I saw the show. If it ever comes back to broadway I highly recommend you go see it.

Another show that I really enjoyed was Hamilton. Hamilton was probably one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen. The music was so unique for a broadway show. I remember just sitting there stunned by how amazing it was. Right after the first song, I knew the show was going to be incredible. Hamilton won the Pulitzer prize for drama and it definitely deserved the award. Hamilton won 11 Tonys, including the Tony for best musical. It’s so cool that Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man who wrote the play, also played Alexander Hamilton.

This is my favorite song from the musical. Right after the show I downloaded the soundtrack and could not stop listening to it. I tend to become obsessed with shows very easily. Once I see a show that I love it becomes my favorite.

I also really enjoyed all the classic broadway shows. Mama Mia was amazing. I saw it so many years ago along with Hairspray, The Lion King, Rent, and many more. I still listen to the soundtracks to all these shows. I probably have memorized every word to all the songs in Rent and Mama Mia. Dancing Queen, Money Money Money, and Mama Mia. Those songs will never get old.

I went to London last weekend and really wanted to see Dream Girls but I didn’t end up getting a chance to see it. I was only in London for a weekend and there was so much that I wanted to do. I went to London Years ago with my family. When I was there my parents took me to see 2 shows. We saw Billy Elliot and Mary Poppins. I was really young when I saw them but from what I remember they were really good. Nothing beats broadway in NYC tho. Billy Elliot and Mary Poppins were great shows though.

When I get home from Spain I really want to see Dear Evan Hansen. I heard it was amazing.

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