The Story of Perseverance: Valentí Sanjuan

Life has many ups and downs. It’s important to not let too many hardships keep you down. There is always something good to look forward to.  Valentí Sanjuan is a prime example of someone who truly persevered through some very tough times and came out of it all on top.

Valentí lost his mother to cancer and shortly after that he lost his job and his girlfriend. Not every human would be able to get through all of that the way he did.

Instead of remaining unemployed and sulking in his grief, Sanjuan decided to start his own agency, Gordon Seen.


After all the tragedies  occurred in Sanjuan’s life he was finally in a good place with his new company as well as with his television program Visto Lo Visto. But then he began to run and compete in competitions and thats when his business and popularity truly took off.

There are tons of people who run to get rid of their grief. Exercise is a way to free your brain and get out of your head. However, most people don’t decide to join an extremely tough and rigorous competition only 2 months before it actually starts. This is what Valentí Sanjuan did with the Ironman of Lanzarote.

The race starts off with swimming. The swim takes place at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen.

This picture is a bit deceiving. It looks absolutely beautiful but swimming in that for hours when it is super hot out cannot be easy. The swimming section of the race is 3.8km long which is over 2 miles.  Included in the 3.8km is a 20 meter run on the sand, in the strong  heat. After the swimming part of the race is the bike section. Valentí Sanjuan had to bike a distance of 182.2km. That wasn’t even the last part of the race. The final part of the race came after and it was the 42.2km run.

Valentí Sanjuan documented his journey throughout the race and posted it on his YouTube channel.

If you think this race looks tough it doesn’t even compare to how difficult the Ultraman competition looked. Ultraman took place in Hawaii so you can only imagine how hot it was. The strength and courage that one would have to have to put themselves out there and compete in these races is huge. Not only did Valentí Sanjuan just compete but he also let the world watch him compete. He put it all out there for the world to see.

No matter who you are, participating in marathons can give you the confidence and release that everyone needs sometimes. Valentí Sanjuan took the liberty of assisting someone who couldn’t run on their own due to being in a wheel chair and let them feel like they were truly apart of the race. He gave this person a day that she will remember and cherish forever. 



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