Park Güell

Park Güell is one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions.

Park Güell is located on Carmel Hill in Barcelona, Spain.

The man responsible for the design of the park is a very well known architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Park Güell was built between 1900 and 1914. However, it wasn’t officially opened as a public park until 1926.

Park Güell wasn’t originally built for the purpose of being a public park.  Eusebi Güell, the man that Park Güell was named after sought out Antoni Gaudí to construct the buildings of what is now known as Park Güell.

Eusebi Güell wanted to create an estate  for wealthy families to live. He assigned this job to Gaudí. Eusebi wanted to have a gated community for the elite people of Barcelona to reside. This gated community consisted of 60 houses surrounded by a beautiful park with magnificent views of the city. The building conditions were very restrictive. The height and placement of each of the 60 houses was very specific. Goudi positioned the houses so it would not block the view of sea as well as not blocking the sunlight from coming in.

Building a private estate for the aristocracy seemed like a good idea, however, it did not work out the way Eusebi Güell had hoped it would. Only two out of the 60 houses that were built were bought. As it happens, those two houses that were bought happened to not even be built by Gaudi. The very first person who purchased a plot in the park was Martí Trias i Domènech, a lawyer who was a friend of Güell. He purchased his plot in 1902 and hired architect, Juli Batllevell to help him build his house. The other house that was actually built, was designed by Francesc Berenguer, Gaudi’s assistant. This house was built by Josep Pardo i Casanovas and was a show house. in 1906 Gaudi decided to make the show house his home and he moved in and lived there with his father and niece. This is where Gaudi lived from 1906 to 1926. It was known as La Torre Rosa and today it houses the Gaudi museum.

This is a photograph of Gaudi’s home, where he lived for 20 years.

So how did what was once a private estate for the wealthy people of Barcelona to live all of a sudden turn into a public park?

The strict contracts to purchase one of of the plots as well as the location made people reluctant to buy a home. The location had a gorgeous view, however, it was far from the center of Barcelona and lacked viable transportation. With only two of the 60 houses being built and purchased the private estate turned into a large private garden. However, Güell allowed the private garden to be used for public events. Soon after that it became one of the most well known tourist attractions in Barcelona.

In 1926 Park Güell was officially opened as a municipal park. In 1963 Gaudi’s house was opened to public as Gaudi’s House Museum. In 1969 Park Güell was recognized as an artistic monument. 15 years later in 1984 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Park Güell looks like it came out of a fairytale. The beautiful mosaics and colorful tiles used in the creation of the buildings is absolutely gorgeous. It feels like a magical place. In not a shock that it became one of Barcelona’s most popular and well known tourist attractions that appear in many brochures and appears as the cover of many post cards. No matter who you are, if you are young or old Park Güell is a place that everyone would enjoy to see.

As you can see in this video, the architecture of the buildings in Park Güell is absolutely magnificent. Gaudi is one of the greatest architects of all time.

Antoni Gaudi is a Catalan Architect. He was born in 1852 and he passed away in 1924. Shortly after he passed Park Guell opened up as a public park. Gaudi’s architectural style is said to fall under the category of Modernism. From an early age Gaudi knew he wanted to  be an architect. Gaudi was a vert special and unique architect. His works were known for their natural forms. With Park Guell, Gaudi was able to make his imagination truly come to life. His architectural style was exactly was Guell was looking for when he hired him to create the park. He wanted colors, mosaics, gorgeous columns, and and anything else that would be jaw droppingly beautiful for the people to see. According to Mark Favermann, “Gaudi’s visual riddle was to use color symbolism and exotic shapes, forms and materials to demarcate the allegorical areas between heaven and earth.”

Gaudi’s claim to fame was not only from the creation of Park Guell. He is also the man responsible for the design of La Sagrada Familia. He began working on La Sagrada Familia in 1883. When he began working on La Sagrada Familia he stopped working on all of his other projects at the time to give as much focus and dedication as he could to the church. The style of the church consisted of Gaudi’s equilibrated methods as well as the Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. Gaudi perished before La Sagrada Familia was complete. To this day La Sagrada Familia still is not complete. As of today the church is only 70% complete. The goal however, is to complete the church by 2026. Although Gaudi isn’t alive to help complete the work he is still given the credit for the architectural design of the church. There is still construction being done on it. La Sagrada Familia is located on Career de Mallorca, 401. Overall Gaudi’s claim to fame was Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia.

This is a video of a tourist traveling in Barcelona. After she arrived and was settled in the first thing she did was go and see Park Guell. Park Guell has had such a positive impact on Barcelona. When people come to the city for a few days it is almost always guaranteed that they will visit Park Guell.

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