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The Rise of Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is defined by the collection, dissemination, and analysis of news and information by the general public, especially by means of the Internet. With citizen journalism, average citizens are spreading news through applications such as twitter, blogs, Facebook etc. This can be good and bad.

First lets talk about the disadvantages of citizen journalism.

Citizen journalists have no real training. This  confuses the public on deciding what to believe and what not to believe. In traditional journalism, the facts that are written are considered to be more accurate because it is a professional writing them. With citizen journalism it is just a regular person reporting the facts so no one can be sure if it’s fully accurate.

Another disadvantage of citizen journalism is that is has a much smaller audience than traditional journalism. By publishing on social media accounts only those who follow the account will get to see their story. This limits the amount of people who will see their story and prevents it from spreading across the world. Traditional journalists get their stories published on the radio or the television. This is international broadcasting that allows the world to see their story.

Now lets talk about the advantages of citizen journalism.

One of the main advantages of citizen journalism is that it gives everyone a voice. With citizen journalism you don’t have to have professional training and experience in order to have your voice heard. As long as you have access to technology you can post about whatever you want using twitter, blog websites and many other social media applications. The shooting of Michael Brown that took place in Ferguson, Missouri is a great example of citizen journalism. The people who saw the shooting took place, they were just regular people who became citizen journalists after seeing what happened. Twitter user @TheePharoah saw the shooting of Michael Brown take place first hand. He  went with the philosophy see something, say something. Immediately after the shooting occurred he posted a tweet on twitter and it went viral. Following the tweet, he then posted a photo of all the cops at the scene.

The use of social media was able to give a random citizen the tools to have his voice heard. It was important for the cops to not get away with what they did. Without citizen journalism this story would have taken much longer for the public to find out about it.

Everyone has something important to say. With citizen journalism everyones voice is heard. If you want to publish a story you should be allowed to publish a story regardless of what credentials you may have. In my opinion citizen journalism has many more advantages than it does disadvantages.







The Rise of Mobile Journalism

Smartphones and iPads have recently become a journalists best friend. More than 1.5 billion people have smartphones all over the world. 75% of those who own smartphones use them to watch videos online.

In 1990 cell phones were nothing compared to what they are like to do. Now a days there is nothing that our smartphone can’t do.

Smartphones do so much. They let you text, take pictures, take videos, detail your location, get the weather, measure distances and so much more.

Journalists have used mobile devices to cover some of the biggest news stories. Journalist have used mobile devices for events such as the Arab Spring, the Boston Marathon Bombing, Ferguson, the outbreak of Ebola, and the Ottawa shooting.

Journalists use live stream to broadcast live videos. This is such a fast and easy way to get their stories out for the world to see. is a video depicts some of what went on in Ferguson, Missouri. When you see something it is now very easy to say something. With all the digital tools we have it is not hard at all to spread news. Immediately after a police officer killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, the internet broke out with this news.

@TheePharoah was the very first person to break the news about what happened. From having his cell phone on him alone he was able to take photos of what was going on around him and he was the first person to post about it.

Being a credible witness is such an important thing for journalists to have. It is so much different writing about something you heard about than writing about something you actually saw for yourself. Antonio French, a journalist from St Louis, Missouri, posted a serious  of pictures and videos of what he saw the policemen do. He captured all these videos by himself on his mobile phone. Antonio and a few other journalists who captured videos of the policemen’s actions were all taken into custody for recording the videos.

Journalism can be a very scary and intense career. Capturing a story sometime’s comes with pretty big consequences. Ferguson is a great example of seeing something wrong with the world and not just standing by and watching. It’s important to publicize it for the world to see. People should not get away with committing unlawful actions.

Citizen journalists are doing great things and people are always eager to read their next story.

The Takeover of Facebook

Everyones business is becoming everyone else’s business. 10 years ago Facebook didn’t even exist and now we can’t even imagine a day without it. A day without checking up on what all your 1000 friends are doing, where they are, and who they are with. It’s not only the younger generation who is obsessing over Facebook. It is everyone. My parents are both on Facebook and even my Grandma uses Facebook. As a junior in college most of my friends are abroad. Whenever I log on to my Facebook, I see bursts of pictures of my friends traveling all over the world. I too am abroad, studying in Barcelona, Spain. I am also posting pictures of everything that I am doing while here. It has become such a norm to post your life on Facebook that not posting it makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. It’s almost like you’re getting peer pressured into making a Facebook album or making a status just because everyone else is. Besides making Facebook albums and statuses it is also very popular to continuously update your profile picture and now even your cover photo. Specifically for those who are part of greek life at their university, their sorority or fraternity asks the members to change their cover photo to a specific picture to help recruit new members. They know that everyone looks at Facebook so what better way to promote their chapter than changing a cover photo. Its interesting how one simple thing will be seen by so many people.


On people’s birthdays especially it’s very important to write a long wall post on your friends wall and include a collage of pictures. A simple phone call or text message wishing your friend a happy birthday isn’t enough anymore. Times have definitely changed and what used to be the norm no longer is. Facebook gives you notifications everyday to let you know whose birthday it is. Now, if you have a Facebook there are no excuses for forgetting your friends birthday.


Everything now is open for the public to see and people want it that way. Facebook allows you to put your location. So not only do people know what you’re doing and who you are with  but they also know where you are. Facebook has become such a big part of peoples lives and truly removes all privacy from ones life.

Right now, Facebook does just about everything. It allows you to video chat, chat with your friends privately, make events, upload pictures and videos, join groups, tag your friends, and many other things. I can’t even imagine what Facebook will be like 5 years from now. Facebook is continuously adding new features so we all know that there is much more to come.