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Ana López: Marketing for Estrella Damm

Ana López has had a lot of experience in the field of marketing. She earned her Master’s in Communication and Advertising  Management at ESIC: Business and Marketing School. Before that Ana earned 2 bachelor degrees. One in Journalism and one in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her work experience began in 2002 where she worked as a PR and press office assistant at Casa Asia. From there she then went on to also  work as a Press officer and PR at CCCB. After that she became an account director at Marco de Comunicacion which is a publics consultants network. Ana’s claim to fame occurred after this. In June of 2009 she became the Brand Manager at Estrella Damm,

Estrella Damm is a beer brewed specifically in Barcelona, Spain. It was created in 1876 and has been Barcelona’s most famous beer since.

Ana worked as the Brand manager at Estrella Damm for 6 years. From 2009 until 2015. During that time she wasn’t only the Brand Manager but she was also the head of Digital Marketing.

The marketing strategy that Ana Lopez and her team came up with was to portray Estrella Damm as a brand associated with good moments and a Mediterranean way of life. Before Ana came a long, Estrella Damm had no digital marketing department.

In 2009 before all the new social media came out, Youtube was what companies used to promote their brand.

Estrella Damms digital and marketing team had an unknown Swedish band record a song to promote Estrella Damm.

This video is a great representation of what Ana and her team was trying to portray: Good moments and a Mediterranean way of life. Everyone in the video is happy and smiling. In every social event what would be better than to have a beer. This video  targets all audiences. Everyone wants to listen to a catchy song while watching people have fun. This video went viral and currently has over 1 million views. This video alone increased brand awareness by over 225%. A shorter version of this video also exists for commercials on TV.

6 years later another video was created. The video is called Vale and it stars Dakota Johnson.

This video received even more recognition then the previous video. This video has over 7 million views. People of all ages will get a kick out of this video. With the beautiful scenery and the funny humor this video definitely helped spread good things about Estrella Damm. This marketing strategy became one of the most well known and best campaigns in Spain.

The relationship with the consumers and the brand of Estrella Damm is very class. The marketing team of Estrella Damm keeps the consumers in mind with every action that they take. The outbreak of social media has significantly helped the brand. Most recently Ana Lopez founded the Digital Marketing Consultancy called LaLopez.