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Trump and the Media

Journalism played a huge role in the 2016 US presidential election. The accusations made against trump while he was running for president truly led to the downfall of the credibility of journalists, specifically in relation to politics.

The tweet above was posted on February 25, 2017 which was only six weeks into his presidency.  Trump referred to the press as  “the enemy of the American people”.

So what made Trump so defensive and determined to ruin the credibility of journalists? His actions were the actions of someone who had something to hide.

Evidence came out that Trump’s Attorney General, Jess Sessions met with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 election. He did not meet with the Russian ambassador not once but two times during the election. This information was reported first by the Washington Post.

The Washington post was not the only news network to report on Trumps relations with Russia. The New York Times also was a big reporter on Trump during the 2016 election. The NYT reported that several Russian officials met with colleagues of Donald Trump in several European cities.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has recently blocked some of the most major news networks from attending a White House press conference. CNN, BBC, The New York Times and several other news outlets were all banned from attending the press conference. Those news outlets were also some of the key journalists in breaking stories regarding Trumps relations with Russia. This only raised peoples suspicions on what was going with Trump and Russia.

Journalism has such a powerful effect on people. However, sometimes people simply just choose to believe what they want to believe. When dealing with an election it is extremely important to have the right facts. People can be gullible. Sometimes they just believe whatever they are told. When allegations of fake news sprung up during the 2016 election the citizens of the US were lost. Anyone who has spent time and done research on the allegations between Trumps relationships with Russia will be able to find some sort of truth on the situation.

Fake news should not be published. However, Trump should not be able to ban news outlets from doing their job.


This article was posted on April 15, 2017. To this day the White House is still denying all claims with regarding Russia’s involvement with the election.

The 2016 election was definitely the most chaotic election yet. Journalists were repeatedly questioned for being bias in their reports, for reporting conspiracy theories, and overall just reporting fake news.

The job of journalists is to inform the public on things that they do not know are going on. They shouldn’t have been reporting on situations where they did not have all the evidence but the information had to get out there.