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Millions of followers=Millions of dollars $

Instagram was launched in October of 2010. By April of 2012 Instagram had over 100 million users and it has continued to grow in popularity. Instagram can be used for many different purposes. It is a way for businesses to share their products to increase sales, a way for people to post pictures with their friends, a way for celebrities to promote themselves as well as their brand, a way for makeup artists to post videos and close ups of their makeup, and many other things.

Celebrities are all over Instagram. Every time I go to my popular page another celebrity pops up. Selena Gomez is currently the celebrity with the most followers. She has 109 million followers. Taylor Swift is right behind her with 97 million followers.

Instagram seems to be more important to celebrities than it is for the average person. That makes sense given that they have 100 million followers and the average person has around 700. Celebrities use instagram to market themselves. Each time they post, they get paid. For example, Kim Kardashian gets paid around $250 thousand dollars for each advertisement photo she posts.

I’ll admit, I follow Kim on Instagram and when I see a post like the one above I am intrigued and go on to look up the product shown in the picture. I’m not saying this photo is worth $250 thousand dollars but it is definitely great advertisement for the product.

The whole Kardashian/Jenner family is big on Instagram. The youngest of the group, Kylie Jenner is gaining more and more popularity as the years go on. Her Instagram account has over 80 million followers and she promotes her cosmetic business on another account called Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics is one of the biggest online make up brands in the world. The account currently has over 11 million followers.

I have to admit, I am one of the followers and owners of a few Kylie Lip kits. On the Instagram account she posts photos about when the next big launch will be taking place and she continuously posts photos of all the different lip kits she has created.   The photos she posts are incredibly helpful to me when deciding which color I want.


This lip kit, Candy K is by far one of my favorites and I would never have purchased it if it wasn’t for her Instagram account where she posted a photo of someone wearing it.


Candy K by @lippielust 😋

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Not only does Kylie just have a cosmetics Instagram account but she also has another Instagram account called The Kylie Shop where she posts her specialized Kylie merchandise. The Kylie Shop only launched a couple months ago and already has almost 1 million followers.


Kylie’s Instagram accounts have definitely played a big part in the success of her businesses. From her posts, the world is aware when her merchandise is launching and what is being launched. You have to get on to the sites right away to be able to purchase something before everything gets sold out.

Instagram has grown a tremendous amount over the years and has had significant impacts on celebrities and their businesses.